LAI’s Official GMA Contest – Win FREE Game Localization!

Calling all game developers & publishers!

You may have heard of an app we developed called GMA – the Game Market Analyzer. Well, we’re looking for feedback and giving YOU the chance to win FREE game localization!*


The top 3 submissions will receive FREE localization of app descriptions (of up to 200 words) for 3 languages of your choosing! See the Official Contest Graphic below for more details.


The rules are laid out in LAI’s Official GMA Contest Graphic below, but it’s really simple! All you have to do is:

  1. Share/RT LAI’s Official GMA Contest Graphic below & follow LAI Global Game Services (on Facebook and/or Twitter).

  2. Download GMA & try it out!

  3. E-mail us with feedback – (Include a link to your share/RT in order to qualify!)

We’ll select the top 3 submissions and notify you by e-mail after the contest closes:

October 31, 2017


Note: Even if you’re not among the top 3, we still have a special surprise for you!


That’s it!


LAI’s Official GMA Contest Graphic

LAI's Official GMA Contest Graphic - Win FREE Game Localization

What is the Game Market Analyzer?

Leading companies in the industry spend thousands of dollars for this information, but DFC and LAI are sponsoring the app to make this data accessible to smaller developers who typically cannot afford industry research data.
GMA is an app we developed in conjunction with DFC Intelligence, one of the leading market research firms in the game industry.
DFC Intelligence

DFC provides key global game market data for the app, and together, we packaged the data into one really neat (in our opinion) – and FREE! – tool.
This tool addresses the questions we hear developers ask most frequently:

  1. Which languages should I localize my game to?

  2. Is game localization even worth it?

GMA takes these questions and runs with them, allowing developers and publishers to easily input information about their games, such as genre and platform, and view which markets globally would yield the highest return on investment.

LAI GMA Free Game Market Analyzer ToolLAI GMA Free Game Market Analyzer Tool

You can read more about GMA’s capabilities on the AppStore, but here’s the gist:


  • Easily discover the best global markets for your game.

  • Analyze global markets down to the country level OR have the app select the best markets for you!

  • Learn localization cost estimates for your game.

  • Quickly determine which markets and languages are best for you.

  • View 44 infographics, covering countries and regions.

  • You can even find publishers and partners within target markets using our exclusive matchmaking system!

Video Game Global Market Infographic - China

Why are we running this contest?

If you recall, we released an early version of GMA for the iPhone fairly recently.


Our intention was to create a free tool, to provide the highest possible benefit to developers and publishers looking to bring their games global (indie & AAA alike).


To continue delivering the best benefit to you, we need your feedback! You can help us decide the direction of the app by answering questions like:


  • How can we make the UI clearer?

  • Are there any confusing aspects of the app?

  • Any additional information you would find useful on infographics or within the app?

  • What other features would you like to see? (Go crazy with this one – tell us your dream features in detail.)

  • Anything else you think would help us make GMA even better!


Remember – we have the power of both a 25 year old game localization & publishing company PLUS a 20+ year old leading marketing data provider behind this amazing app!
That’s a WHOLE lot of combined industry knowledge we’re packing into a free app tool!


Any information and feedback YOU can provide will be invaluable as we consider our next steps in taking this app even further.


The power is in your hands!
Video Game Global Market Infographic - Western Europe - UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy

View more infographics on GMA!



E-mail us at anytime at, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!

Or, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or a tweet @LAIGlobalGame @TheGMAApp.

Don’t forget to rate GMA on the AppStore!


Looking for More Info?

Curious to see what else we have planned for GMA? Stay in touch!




GMA on Facebook

LAI on Facebook


You can also check out LAI’s CEO David Lakritz’s presentation on GMA at Casual Connect.


GMA – The world’s ONLY, ACCURATE game localization ROI predictor.


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