A Unique Offer for Indie Developers & Publishers!

OPERATION: “Bring My Games Global”

There’s an idea we floated around for a while at LAI Global Game Services, and we’re finally ready to share it with all of you!

We’ll go into more detail below…but basically, we developed an INNOVATIVE WAY of providing LOW COST (and, in some cases, even FREE!) game LOCALIZATION and GLOBAL MARKETING services, for select developers and publishers.

This is an OPEN OFFER, with no deadlines – open to teams of all sizes! – who have:


  • Limited capabilities in game localization and global game marketing (due to financial restrictions) or,

  • Difficulty convincing upper management of the viability of markets abroad.

This may even include a degree of financial support available for developers with limited funds!



For years now (we’ve been around since the ‘90s!), we watched as independent game developers burst onto the global stage and dazzled the world with your creativity and innovation.


We shared the frustrations many of you encountered in releasing your games into an overcrowded marketplace.

We also shared in gamer’s pains of the – oh so many! – machine translations (“I is games”) and inconsistencies present in many fan translations.


To be completely clear, we love the enthusiasm and work of fan translations! (We’re always hiring by the way! jobs@laiggs.com)


What’s the problem with fan translations?

Well, you know how it’s generally a good idea to have code reviews so larger projects stay consistent and reduce overall mess?


From Chris Butcher’s Bungie GDC talk on the engine architecture of Destiny

Games with multiple translators also require an overall review…

…often to make sure wording doesn’t change halfway through the game!

    For example:

    → If you had a language where “wizard” could be translated as “mage” or “witch,” it would be beyond immersion-breaking to come across a “Mage Sally” early in the game…Then, halfway through the game, that same mage is suddenly “Witch Sally.”


    Is she the same person? Is she an evil twin? The player will be hopelessly lost and confused, for no other reason than there was no project manager or linguistic QA check to make sure Sally maintained her original identity of “Mage!”


What’s in it for you?

We want to help game developers and publishers OFFSET some of the UNCERTAINTY, and even some of the COSTS of localization!

We want to give back to the community and what better way than to HELP YOU:

    1. Localize and
    2. Bring your games global?! 


What criteria are we looking for?
Are you…


  • …An indie developer close to releasing a game and are pretty sure your game could do well in some other market/language (you’ve always wanted to release your game in Japanese!)…
    …but you don’t have the money to even THINK about localization?



  • …An indie developer who released a game in your home market and it just may do well abroad (Japan, China, the Middle East, Latin America and beyond?)
    …but you don’t have the CAPITAL and/or MARKETING KNOWLEDGE to bring your game abroad?



  • …A small or mid-size developer/publisher with released games, but you’re interested in trying out additional, (so-called) “risky” markets, such as emerging markets?
    …but you don’t know if you, or your higher ups, could risk the money involved in expanding to another market.



  • …Or you’re something akin to one of the aforementioned groups and are interested in localization, or otherwise expanding into additional markets?

Tell us about your games and your vision to go global!


E-mail us at bringmygamesglobal@laiggs.com.

We prefer if you embed an image or gif of your game so we get an idea of the mechanics and story elements – if any exist – as well as a longer video to show mechanics and/or story. No attachments please!

What We’re Offering Exactly

We’re a creative bunch!
If you and your game are a good fit, we may be tempted to:



  • ABSORB some of the MARKETING COSTS involved in targeting a new region

  • Perhaps even provide FREE LOCALIZATION, in exchange for a percentage of the profits for the target language

  • …Some other creative solution of your own invention that isn’t mentioned above?


Sound too good to be true?


Double check our client list for yourself!
You can also check out our selection of previous game localization projects, or meet us at an industry conference!
(We can frequently be found at GDCs & Casual Connects globally, gamescom, ChinaJoy and many others. Set up a meeting with us at info@laiggs.com.)


A Little More About Us

We have over 25 years of experience localizing games across many different markets (not to mention the publishing & marketing division of the company!).

LAI Global Game Services - Best Affordable Game Localization Solution for AAA & Indie Game Developers & Publishers

We’ve been doing this a long time – you may have even heard of some of the games we helped localize!
A selection of games localized by us include:

- Enchanted Arms
- Wild Arms 2
- Lunar Genesis
- Hovercraft: Takedown
- Parts of Level Up!’s MMOs, etc.


Why Would We Do Such a Crazy Thing?
When it comes down to it, we want to see more games with SUPERB LOCALIZATION go global!

(Such as the incredible job Yacht Club Games did on Shovel Knight’s Japanese localization effort!).


Image compliments of Yacht Club Games’ blog post “Japan Localization.”


…we believe that every gamer, worldwide, should have the opportunity to play your game with its original creative intent showing through in EVERY ASPECT of the localization.


Image compliments of Campo Santo’s store, with Firewatch shirts in Chinese! (Click the image to visit their store.)

After all, can’t you name a few NES and SNES classics where a lack of localization effort brought down the entire game experience for you?
We doubt any developer or publisher ever intends for this to happen, but hey, you’re busy enough as it is trying to finish your games!
Plus, there’s rarely enough money left over for indies to invest in high quality localization…much less adapt art, UI, what-have-you, for different versions of your game!


Frankly, we aren’t that different than you!

While we love video games and video game localization, we do have bills to pay, and we do like to buy a few games and, well, eat.

We’ve seen the numbers from leading market intelligence providers -
- and there’s absolutely money to be seen from releasing more games in emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


We’re hoping that by executing

“OPERATION: Bring My Games Global”
we can share even more of your games with gamers in these regions! (There are a lot of them!)


Feel free to shoot us an e-mail with your questions and inquiries!




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