A Unique Offer for Indie Developers & Publishers!

OPERATION: “Bring My Games Global”

There’s an idea we floated around for a while at LAI Global Game Services, and we’re finally ready to share it with all of you!

We’ll go into more detail below…but basically, we developed an INNOVATIVE WAY of providing LOW COST (and, in some cases, even FREE!) game LOCALIZATION and GLOBAL MARKETING services, for select developers and publishers.

This is an OPEN OFFER, with no deadlines – open to teams of all sizes! – who have:


  • Limited capabilities in game localization and global game marketing (due to financial restrictions) or,

  • Difficulty convincing upper management of the viability of markets abroad.

This may even include a degree of financial support available for developers with limited funds!



For years now (we’ve been around since the ‘90s!), we watched as independent game developers burst onto the global stage and dazzled the world with your creativity and innovation.


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