GMA is LAI's free Game Market Analyzer app for iOS.

You can download it from the App Store at

GMA helps game developers and publishers:

  • Find the best global markets for your game based on platform and genre.
    Simply enter the platform and genre of your game, and with a single tap you can get a complete overview of which markets around the world your game will perform the best. From there you can drill down, get detailed information on a region and country basis, as well as view infographics for every market.
  • Analyze markets down to the country level (data available for 35 countries).
    GMA uses actual market data from DFC Intelligence, a leading market research firm in the game industry.  DFC Intelligence is widely respected throughout the industry for the accuracy and reliability of its data and its proven research methodologies, currently in use by over 300 companies.
  • Perform localization ROI analysis.
    Using a proprietary model, GMA can calculate the upper limit on market penetration your game can be expected to obtain for the target markets you've chosen. GMA will also calculate the estimated localization costs for those markets. This enables you to easily perform an ROI analysis and choose the most cost-effective set of languages for localization, based on your desired market penetration.
  • Find publishers and partners with the built-in matchmaking function.
    If you're a publisher or third-party service provider, you can join our matchmaking database for free, so that developers can find you and engage your services. Matchmaking is done using a number of parameters that the game developer provides including target region, platform, genre, market demographics, etc. so developers can easily find relevant publishers and service providers.

GMA is currently available for iPad and iPhone. You can download it from the App Store at

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