At the heart of our agile game localization process is ALF, LAI's proprietary Agile Game Localization Framework. ALF enables translators, reviewers and other team members to work together efficiently, combining high-quality human translation with the efficiency of an automated workflow system. This eliminates unnecessary steps in the game localization process that cost precious time and money. 

ALF’s many benefits include: 

Lower cost

  • Overall costs are reduced by eliminating overhead and streamlining communication among team members.
  • Translation costs are reduced by reusing previous translations as much as possible.

Faster turnaround time

  • Less overhead means less time wasted performing manual steps and faster time to delivery.
  • Completed translations are available immediately for download.

Improved quality

  • Built-in automated QA tools ensure that translations comply with text length restrictions and that item names, characters and place names are translated consistently throughout the game.
  • Communication among team members is enhanced so questions can be answered quickly, further improving the quality of the translation.

Greater visibility and control

  • Our ALF client provides unparalleled visibility into and control over the localization process.
  • Reports are available to help manage overall game localization cost.




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