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China's Massive Gaming Population 


For years, industry experts kept their eye on China as one of the most valuable in the world.






 China is the largest games market worldwide.


  • China houses the largest population in the world.
  • China has record-breaking numbers for gaming consumption.
  • China surpassed the US' game revenue back in 2015 at $5.5 billion, according to Niko Partners.
  • The Global Games Market Report states, "China will remain the largest games market for the forseeable future, growing to US $28.9 billion by 2019."


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China Remains in Top Spot for PC Gaming

  • Our partner, DFC Intelligence, states that the majority of China's revenue comes from PC games.
  • China brought in $12 billion in 2015 (a 20% increase from 2014).
  • China remains the world's largest market for PC gaming for 8 years in a row.


The US ranks 2nd for PC gaming, though it lags far behind at $4.2 billion.


China is #1 for PC games

8 years in a row.


Mobile Gaming is Huge!

PC gaming isn't the only way to break into China's game market.

  • 75% of the Chinese population actively play mobile games.
  • China generates nearly $5 billion in mobile revenue, according to Mobile Game Forum Asia.


China's mobile growth is
higher than the US!


Experts are keenly interested in China's mobile marketplace growth since more mature markets (such as North America) have stabilized.

  • China continues to demonstrate "consistent year-over-year growth" due to user adoption, according to the Global Games Market Report.
  • China alone represents 62% of Asia's total mobile gamers, says Superdata.


China's Government Restrictions

Be aware that impending government restrictions are expected to make it exceedingly difficult to enter the mobile marketplace.


...Bringing your mobile game to China?

Get a partner familiar with China's
legal restrictions.


LAI Global Game Services strongly recommends getting a partner well-versed in local business practices and the local video game market.


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2nd HIGHEST SPENDING on games in

Asia, outside of Japan.


Taiwan is a major player in Southeast Asia's video game market. Taiwan alone ranks at the 15th largest games market in the world! In 2016, reports showed that Taiwan has the 2nd highest spending on games in Asia, outside of Japan.


The world's 15th LARGEST games market.


Taiwan's game market is seeing incredible growth:


Taiwan's games revenue already

reached Brazil's, at $1 billion!


Taiwan Houses the Largest Mobile Games Market in SE Asia!

Looking to bring your mobile game abroad? Taiwan is a market for you!

  • Taiwan claims the largest mobile app market across all of Southeast Asia, raking in $690 million.
  • Behind Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia dominate the Southeast Asian mobile games market, each with an estimated revenue of $0.5 billion in 2017.


SE Asia's LARGEST mobile market

at $690 million.


Are eSports Popular in Taiwan?

You bet!

  • Online games are worth nearly as much as the mobile games industry in Taiwan, bringing in $520 million back in 2015.
  • Now that eSports is recognized by the Taiwanese government, Taiwan is expected to make even more of a global splash in the eSports arena, as players can reach out to the government for support in attending global competitions.
  • Taiwan is among the top eSports regions in Southeast Asia, alongside Thailand and Vietnam.


What are the Best Global Markets for Your Game?

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