LAI's support for your game doesn't end after your game's global launch. Our community management services continuously engage your gamer community, critical to building your market and making your game a global success.

Unlike typical community management services, LAI offers multilingual community management services to support your worldwide player community. Engaging players in their native language enhances their experience, making it less likely that they will choose to leave your community and decide to spend their valuable time playing a different game, improving user retention.

LAI's philosophy is that community managers need to become experts at the games they manage, contributing to websites, forums, wikis, blogs and social media on a regular and frequent basis to help drive player engagement. Our community managers also take a proactive approach to interacting with the community, moderating forums and developing social media campaigns for events and special occasions.

The community manager also serves as a liaison, feeding ideas from the community back to the dev team to provide feedback and help improve the game.

Our live operation services provide the infrastructure and support needed to keep your game running smoothly. This is particularly important for overseas developers who need to rely on a local partner to manage local operations to support the game.

The business models used by successful games are built on service-based architectures, sometimes called "games as a service". To provide the high level of service needed for maximizing user retention and player satisfaction, as well as maximizing the ongoing revenue stream, a strong focus on community management and live operations is needed. With over 20 years of industry experience, LAI can provide you with this high level of service and commitment.

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our community management or live operation services.

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