Localization is the process of adapting your game's assets to make the game more suitable for the target market.

Since most gamers prefer to play games in their native language, localization is critical to the success of your game in global markets. Please visit the topic areas below to learn more about the different kinds of localization that LAI provides.


Whether you're experienced in localization or just starting out, our how-to guides show you best practices for achieving the best possible localizations for your game. Check back here often as we're constantly adding new content.

Text is the most important link between a player and your game. Whether it be the game narrative, on-screen dialog or simply the user interface, localizing your game's text is a critical factor in making your game successful and accessible to gamers in overseas markets.

Does your game speak? Find out how LAI can help customize your game's audio for the global audience using our full-service recording studios featuring native talent.

Just as no game should be published without being tested first, a localized game needs to be tested for proper contextual fidelity, since localizations are done outside of the game's context. Find out here why linguistic testing is important and how LAI can help.

Never heard of agile game localization? Click here to learn why it's cheaper, faster and better than the traditional localization process.

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