Saudi Arabia

An Overview of Saudi Arabia's Games Market

Saudi Arabia is part of the fastest growing region globally - MEA, or MENA (Middle East & North Africa) - currently sees 25% year-over-year growth (compared to Latin America at 13.9% growth, the Asia Pacific at 9.2% growth, North America at just 4% growth and Western Europe at 4.8% growth).


MENA's 2nd largest game market!


  • Saudi Arabia is MENA's 2nd largest game market, bringing in over $650 million in 2017. (Saudi's total games revenue brings in nearly as much as Sweden's gaming software - $668 million.)
  • In fact, Saudi Arabia's total games revenue brings in nearly as much as Europe's 6th largest games market's software sales - the Netherlands (at $763 million in software sales).
  • Total games revenue in Saudi Arabia surpasses many of Europe's game software sales, including Belgium ($583 million), Denmark ($396 million), Norway ($361 million), Finland ($336 million), Portugal ($153 million) and Greece ($112 million).


Saudi Arabia game revenue yields as much

as Europe's 6th largest market.


Saudi Video Game Spending is High


High average revenue per user -

almost as high as China's!

  • Youth in Saudi Arabia have a lot of spare time and "above average disposable income."
  • According to prominent local MENA player, Peak Games, youth in "oil-rich Arab Gulf countries [such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE] feel they have few entertainment outlets," thus, the average daily revenue per user (ARPU) remains among the world's highest.
  • On average, gamers in Saudi Arabia spend 3 times more than American & European gamers.
  • Saudi Arabia's mobile average revenue per user (ARPU) is high - at nearly $25. This is higher than other key emerging markets (such as Mexico at $18 ARPU, Brazil at nearly $6.50) and almost as high as China's mobile ARPU (nearly $30).
  • Games revenue in the region is expected to increase, with an anticipated annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% between 2018 and 2022.


Saudi gamers spend 3X MORE than

American & European gamers.



Which Gaming Platforms Drive Saudi Arabia's Market?


Ranks 2nd for smartphone penetration.


  • Saudi Arabia ranks #2 for smartphone penetration rates, at 76.7% in 2017. (The world's largest gaming market - China - is lagging behind at #26, with 51.7% in 2016.)
  • Saudi Arabia has a better cost-per-install (CPI) rate on iOS than Android ($1.42 vs. $0.54).
  • Women in Saudi Arabia game as much and spend nearly as much as men. Over 50% of women play mobile games multiple times per day, with 68% spending $10 or less a month, 20% between $10 and $49 a month and 9% between $55 and $99 a month on in-app purchases (IAP).
  • Comparatively, Saudi male mobile gamers monetize somewhat better on in-app purchases (IAP), with 50% spending under $10 a month, 25% between $10 and $49 a month and 16% between $50 and $99 a month.


29% of Saudi women & 41% of men

spend $10-$99/month on IAP.



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