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Indonesia became the 2nd largest gaming market in Southeast Asia back in 2015, thanks to a combination of:


  • Housing 40% of Southeast Asia'a total population and 
  • Boasting the largest online population in the region. 


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Indonesia is a prominent emerging market in ASEAN. Its games market brings in over $607 million, $400 million shy of the UK's $1,061 million.


Due to recent and anticipated growth in Indonesia, some companies see Indonesia as the key to Southeast Asia's (ASEAN's) games market:


"The future of game localization in Southeast Asia is going to be decided by the Indonesian market."


In fact, Rovio's strategy for Angry Birds included creating a localized version for the Indonesian market, launching it on Facebook. 


CEO of Finnish company Rovio, Peter Vesterbacka, sees significant benefit to full culturalization of games in Southeast Asia's emerging markets:


"We will build an Indonesia specific version and we will produce and we will work with Indonesian people to do a company we want to be more Indonesian than the Indonesian companies."



"That's what we have been doing in China. We have worked with Chinese designers, developers, and that's how we make the game Chinese specific. We want to put more depth into the Angry Birds Indonesian experience and then we will take it to the world."


Rovio states, "We want to be more Indonesian than the Indonesian companies."


The Largest Mobile Market in SE Asia

  • Indonesia has the most mobile players, at over 35.1 million (and, as in many mobile markets globally, the majority of players are female).
  • Indonesia's mobile games market brings in over $600 million in revenue.

The most mobile players in all of SE Asia.

  • Roughly 50% of mobile gamers spend money on games.
  • 57% of mobile gamers play games daily.
  • Indonesia is the 7th largest mobile gaming market worldwide, by share of installs.

The 7th largest mobile gaming market worldwide!


Facebook Games Are Popular!

Indonesia has long been heralded as the market for Facebook games:

  • Out of all of Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the largest online population.
  • Indonesia surpassed the UK back in 2010 as one of Facebook's largest markets worldwide. 


 Indonesia remains the world's LARGEST Facebook market.


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