An Overview to Malaysia's Game Market

Malaysia's game industry has grown at an incredible rate, jumping to an over 30% increase between 2014 and 2015. It is a prominent part of the emerging market and is expected to continue growing:

  • Malaysia is the 3rd largest games market in Southeast Asia (ASEAN).
  • Game revenue in Malaysia makes up nearly $550 million.
  • By 2018, Malaysia is expected to see a 20.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).


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The 3rd largest games market in Southeast Asia!


Even Consoles Are Huge!

Malaysia had its very own PlayStation Experience event in 2017, thanks to the growth of consoles.


Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia's fastest growing PlayStation markets!


Mobile Games

  • Malaysia's mobile game revenue makes up over $110 million.
  • In fact, mobile gaming revenue alone is as big as all of Greece's game market (which tallies $112 million).

The Rise of eSports

eSports have always been big in Southeast Asia, but 2017 saw a first for local eSports gamers:
  • In 2017, Malaysia gained its first eSports Academy for pro-gamers, allowing Malaysian players to more easily compete at the international level.


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