An Overview of Sweden's Game Market

Typically, game publishers & studios abroad see France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK (EFIGS) as the primary markets in Europe.

However, with Sweden's high number of gamers (compared to overall population), high revenue per user and housing Europe's largest eSports market, Sweden has quickly become a significant market within Europe.

Sweden's market opportunity (for eSports in particular) is staggering, especially when compared to its Scandinavian neighbors.


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A Significant Market within Europe

  • 70% of Sweden's population are gamers.
  • Despite a population of 10 million, Sweden ranks just behind the Netherlands as Europe's 7th largest games market, bringing in roughly $670 million in software sales (compared to the Netherland's $760 million).
  • Sweden's gaming software sales are nearly double of each its Nordic neighbors, with Sweden yielding about $670 million (vs. Denmark's nearly $400 million, Norway's nearly $360 million and Finland's nearly $340 million).
  • Together, greater Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden) comprise nearly 10% of Western Europe's video game market
    • This is significant, as Scandinavian countries surpass Italy and Spain, together becoming the 4th largest market in Western Europe. (Gamers in the Nordic region typically game in English, and significant overlap may occur in Nordic gamer sales & marketing campaigns.)


Incredible eSports Revenue

  • In 2016, Sweden was Europe's largest eSports market (24% of this viewership was female).
  • Sweden alone brought in $40.8 million in revenue.
  • Sweden comprised 14.3% of Europe's eSports revenue share in 2016.


Europe's largest eSports market.


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