Sillywalk Games
Based in Istanbul, Turkey

Founding date:
April, 2013

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(dev) facebook.com/sillywalkgames
(dev) twitter.com/Enaxa
(pub) facebook.com/LAIGlobalGameServices
(pub) twitter.com/laiglobalgame

Mind Mould

LAI Global Game Services

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1660 S. Amphlett Blvd. Suite 106
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Sillywalk Games is an independent game studio based in Istanbul with a passion for puzzle games. The studio was founded by designer Arman Kayhan and developer Levon Sebuhyan.

Arman holds a Master’s degree in Architecture, and Levon holds a B.S. in Economics.


Before Sillywalk Games

“Our friendship started in 1991 when we were on an island for summer vacation.

“Our love for games was always present, from our earliest moments on the Atari and Commodore 64 to the Playstation and PC games. Our passion was not limited to digital games, as countless hours were spent playing various board games.

“Looking back, it was inevitable that we would end up doing something with games.”

Sillywalk Games Was Born

“One day, we ran inside a cafe for shelter from a storm, and we found ourselves talking about a game concept that hadn’t existed previously. (At least, we were fairly certain it was a new concept!)

“We sketched our ideas down on a napkin, and from there, the idea really took off. Unfortunately, we were inhibited by a budget which we simply did not have.

“After months of searching, we found an investor in Russia who agreed to finance our project, but at the last moment, the investor got cold feet and backed out. This inevitably meant we had to put the project back in the closet.

“It was a great disappointment. However, the desire to make games was still very strong.

“What could we do?

“We decided to push our limits and invest in ourselves. We quit our jobs in April 2013 and focused on getting this project going.”

Sillywalk’s First Project

“It took us a long time to agree on a company name, but since we both love The Monty Python group, our company name became a tribute to our favorite scene from Monty Python.

“We launched our first game at the end of 2013 - the first iteration of Mind Mould!

“Although it was a fun game and people thoroughly enjoyed it, we soon noticed there was a lot we could improve. By observing players, we gained valuable insight into the elements that should be changed.

“Ultimately, we received around 5,000 downloads - enough to prove the game’s viability and encourage us to make a second version of the game.

“We took the opportunity to not only make technical improvements, but to enhance the artwork, user experience and overall game design. We also added 20 levels to the existing 60 levels.”

Dedication to Quality Localization

“It was very important to us that players feel Mind Mould is familiar within their given cultures. We chose to work with LAI Global Game Services to publish the game worldwide and adapt the game for different language versions. With LAI’s help, we also built a narrative around the game to give players a greater sense of purpose in completing the game.

“LAI was instrumental as we learned about international markets. For example, for the Chinese version of Mind Mould, LAI advised us to add clickable hints to the game. Apparently this is something that really resonates with Chinese players!

“Leveraging LAI’s expertise and recommendations, we also decided to localize our game into 12 languages, including a completely different version for China (which involved local Chinese voiceovers). These languages include English, French (European), Italian, German, Spanish (Latin American and European) (a.k.a EFIGS); Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean (a.k.a. CJK); Portuguese (Brazilian), and Russian.”

The Future

“Currently, we are working on updates for Mind Mould - Block Puzzle Game, as well as new prototypes for future games.”



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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Levon Sebuhyan

Arman Kayhan

Tamer Demiralp

Sercan Altun

Güney Özsan
Music and Sfx

Global Publishing Team, LAI Global Game Services
Localization and Global Publishing


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